Originals by Donna!

 Hey Ya'll! So this is just a page of some of the original work I've done for the store or for customers. I take great pride in the work I do and it's such a blessing to create and do the things I love for you guys! 

Some of these items are for sale and some are not but if you have any questions about any of these pieces or have an idea that you want me to bring to life just give us a holler! 


Hand Painted frame. I made a few of these as just a cute little gift for a friend or yourself! We sold out of these guys but let me know if you need a gift made! 

Still Available! We use this guy to hold our children's books in our Kiddos section. It used to be an old metal piece but I added some life to it with a western theme! $150

Sold! This sweet teepee was hand painted with a cactus and floral theme. I ended up adding a personalized flare to it for a customer. Still one of my sweetest pieces! 

SOLD! A sweet rocking chair for your littles! Hand painted metal chair for $50

Still Available! $175 Hand painted and the seat is recovered. Add a little statement piece to any room with this fun chair!

SOLD! One of my favorite pieces and hand painted by yours truly! 

Still Available! $300 Guadalupe Hutch. Middle opens up to reveal two shelves and its hand painted!! 

SOLD! So painting board games on top of table is seriously so much fun! Before I made this one, I had painted the game of life on top of a green coffee table and it added the perfect POP to my living room. Plus the kids loved it! 

Still Available! Table and chair are priced at $1,100. If you want the chairs or table separate, the chairs are $250 a piece and the table is $200. I hand painted all the chairs as well as the table. The table is painted a rustic red and green color so while its not bright and overwhelming, it still ads that perfect punch of color. 


Sold! How cute is this chair!!! I found some old fabric and just redid the back and the seat and it came out perfect! 

SOLD! Senorita side table! 

Still Available! Chief table priced at $350! Y'all look at that detail! This is such a fun piece and yes even the inside of the drawer is painted! This is a great picture but seeing it in person is so much better! "Hint, Hint" 

Not for sale! This is a mural my son and I did on the front of the store. 

So this isn't the finished product but the cut out for some rocking horses I made. Which turned out ADORABLE! I assembled and hand painted these bad boys and they were such a big hit! 


Horse painting I painted... I'm just in love with! 

So this is the before picture of our store. With the help of my son Chris and daughter Harley, we painted the floor with a stencil I made and then I painted a mural in the center. The whole project was a pretty long task but soooo worth it! 

Also the desk  there was built by my son! So amazing! 

Sold! Fun lamp I whipped up! 

Still available! $100 Seriously ya'll I love lamps! This is also hand painted and detailed by me! 


Not for sale but I needed a table behind our check out to hold our bags and wrapping paper and i had this piece laying around. I don't have a before pic but just believe me when I say it wasn't this pretty....with some little tweaks here and there, some sanding, and paint this thing turned out pretty well! Oh and it didn't have a top either so I had to make my own. 

Still Available! 20x16 original painting $200 

This is a mural I did for the Elementary school in Junction with the help of my daughter. So cute! 

Still Available! and NEW!! $450 I just whipped up this bad boy and I'm so happy with it! Hand painted by me

Still Available! $350 Isn't this just the cutest nightstand!? 


This is just a picture of our bathroom because I'm in love with it. I wish there was a before picture so you could see what it looked like before we made it pretty. We added the wooden wall, and painted the walls white and added a design on a wall with a stencil. So simple yet so cute! the painting on the wall is a painting I did a while back.